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Most artists, good artists, trust their intuition. I trust mine. Sometimes it leads you to make mistakes, but that hardly matters…There is no such thing as failure, you just learn from it and go on. That’s the way I see it. David Hockney

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Most Loved Products

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Art is an investment. My mother bought two of David Hockney's Art pieces in 1980. She had dinner one night in Santa Monica. Enjoyed his company so much, he told her where she could buy 2 of his pieces from his friend, who needed money. She bought 2 for $10,000.00 dollars. A VERY good investment! So at my age, I am on the same mission.
Diana Burnwood
Of course, the painting is the focal point in our home. When we entertain, it always starts the conversation! Love it!
Jessica Foxx​
I have bought 3 so far. They speak to me, from my heart!
Lily Granger​
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