LOVE by Pam Manzi



Love is a feeling that’s hard to define,
It’s a force that can make your heart shine.
It’s the warmth of the sun on a summer day,
And the gentle breeze that makes the leaves sway.
Love is the sound of laughter in the air,
And the way that someone shows they care.
It’s the feeling of being safe and sound,
And the joy that comes from being around.
Love is the light that guides us through,
And the hope that makes our dreams come true.
It’s the strength that helps us carry on,
And the peace that comes when we belong.
Love is a gift that we all can share,
A treasure that’s beyond compare.
It’s the beauty that we find in life,
And the reason why we strive.
So cherish love with all your heart,
And let it guide you from the start.
For love is what makes life so sweet,
And it’s what makes our hearts complete.
Pamela Manzi

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