Love at First Sight

In a world of hurried engines and gasoline’s embrace, At a worn-out gas station, in a bustling, fleeting place, A girl named Pam, aged sixteen, her heart about to take flight, Locked eyes with a boy named Tim, and it was love at first sight.

Amidst the pumps and city lights, their worlds began to collide, Two souls in a moment, destiny could not hide. Pam, with a smile that could light up the darkest of nights, Tim, with a look that left no doubt, it was love at first sight.

Their paths converged, like the planets in the sky, Innocence, and wonder, as love began to fly. Pam’s heart raced, like a songbird taking its first flight, As she glanced at Tim, who saw the stars in her eyes so bright.

With a simple “hello,” they ventured into the unknown, A connection so instant like seeds in the wind were sown. Their laughter, like a melody, played on throughout the night, For Pam and Tim had found something rare, love at first sight.

As time moved forward, their love grew deep and strong, Through the seasons of life, they proved that love was never wrong. In the rearview mirror of that gas station’s dim light, Two young hearts met destiny, in love’s sweet, eternal flight.

Pam and Tim, side by side, hand in hand they’d walk, Through life’s winding journey, in love’s sweet talk. For at that gas station, where their worlds took flight, Pam and Tim’s love story began, in that sweet, first sight

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