Title: “Intrinsic Reflection”


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This is a signed Artist’s Print 17/100. 11″x 20″. Please allow 3 weeks for delivery. All sales are final. Happy investing.Title: “Intrinsic Reflection”

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Title: “Intrinsic Reflection”

This captivating self-portrait, titled “Intrinsic Reflection,” captures a unique moment frozen in time by the artist’s skilled hand. The intricately detailed brushwork and use of light and shadow bring forth a depth that not only reflects the artist’s visage but also an inner narrative, inviting the viewer into a world of introspection.

Investing in art is not merely an aesthetic choice; it is also a strategic financial decision. Art has proven to be a historically sound investment, offering a tangible and often appreciating asset. In recent years, the art market has demonstrated consistent growth, making it an attractive addition to any investment portfolio. Furthermore, a self-portrait holds a special place in art history, serving as a personal and introspective piece that often gains deeper significance over time.

With the ever-increasing demand for unique and evocative pieces, owning a self-portrait not only adds a touch of sophistication to your space but also holds the promise of an appreciating asset. As the artist gains recognition and their body of work increases in value, this piece will become an invaluable asset in your collection.

Title: “Intrinsic Reflection”

This description aims to highlight both the artistic value of the self-portrait and the financial potential of investing in art, emphasizing its historical appreciation and the unique, personal nature of self-portraiture.


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